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Will you have a guaranteed retirement income for life?

Today, being concerned about outliving your savings in retirement is a prevalent issue among retirees relying upon RIFs and LIFs for consistent income.  Many of us are living longer and healthier lives, however that longevity combined with reduced purchasing...

What they say about money is true. You can’t take it with you.

However, you still need money when you pass away and you may have unknowingly made CRA your biggest beneficiary. The Government of Canada provides a small death benefit under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), provided you qualify. This benefit is a one-time, lump-sum...

Safeguarding Your Investments

Safeguarding your investments from market losses, particularly losses that may occur later in life is of paramount concern for retirees. Segregated funds are a timely, private and cost-effective way for clients to transfer wealth to their loved ones. By naming a...

Welcome Message

Welcome to our blog about your money. This is the place where we post tips, strategies and smart moves you can make with your money. And sometimes these posts are just commentary on what is happening in the world that affects you and your money. In both cases, we’ re...

Disability insurance

Disability insurance is only as good as the definition used to define it! Make sure you have a “Regular Occupation” definition or you may find yourself sweeping floors.