Stier Financial Advisors helps you manage your risk. While eliminating risk from our lives is impossible, mitigating risk is really just a financial transaction, wherein you transfer that risk to another for a price or “premium”. We insure our assets like homes and cars in the same way, for the same reason. The biggest asset we have in achieving our financial goals is our ability to earn an income over our lifetime. The common roadblocks to achieving those goals include:

  • Lack of discipline
  • Saving to spend lifestyles
  • Bad investments
  • Uninsurable for health or lifestyle issues
  • Inflation
  • Taxation
  • Partial or Total Disability
  • Illness and/or Death

Stier Financial Advisors (SFA) helps Canadians understand the power of using Canadian life, health and specialty insurance companies as a financial tool to achieve their goals. We work with families, professionals and business owners to tailor plans around their goals, circumstances and budget.

What to expect.

We offer our advisory clients the following financial planning process;

  1. Initial Meeting: We will collect personal financial information on you, your dependents, and the existence of any wills, trusts, executors, trustees, guardians and/or beneficiaries. We will complete a Financial Disclosure Report to help you determine your needs for Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Disability, Health or Long Term Care Benefits, and/or Property and Travel Insurance.
  2. Final Meeting: We will provide a Suitability Report based on the recommendations we provide where you can prioritize your needs and goals, and plan for when and how to tackle them.

SFA can provide insurance solutions to those with health or lifestyle issues previously declined for coverage, and those visiting Canada or immigrating to Canada. We can also design benefit plans to address high risk situations for Canadians travelling abroad in countries at risk for kidnap, ransom or extortion, including war or terrorism. SFA works with our clients and insurance partners to properly protect their interests at home and abroad.