Stier Financial Advisors helps you manage your investments. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Similarly, the process of setting investment goals requires that you know yourself in order to successfully reach or surpass those goals. Knowing your time horizons, your tolerance for risk and then reasonably assessing your investment knowledge is the key to choosing the right kinds of investments, account types and portfolio managers. SFA can help you establish an investment plan with the right approach tailored to your individual concerns through the following accounts:

  • Segregated Investment Funds providing guaranteed maturity values. These funds provide minimum performance guarantees for those investors seeking safety of capital, those approaching or already retired, or those arranging their estate. Benefits such as guaranteed minimum withdrawals, creditor protection, and estate probate bypass all make Segregated Investment Funds a smart choice for risk conscious investors.
  • Separately Managed Accounts* comprised of individual stocks and/or bonds. These market driven investment portfolios are managed by Portfolio Managers registered with appropriate provincial securities regulators, and use proprietary investment strategies for underlying stock/bond selection and investment performance.

All accounts are RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, and LIRA or LIF eligible on a lump sum or monthly pre-authorized payment plan basis.

What to expect.

We offer our advisory clients the following financial planning process;

  1. Initial Meeting: We will collect personal financial information on you, your dependents and if any investment accounts held. We will ask you questions regarding your investing risk tolerances, investment time horizons, and general investment knowledge. We will complete a Financial Disclosure Report to help you determine your investment goals and plan what investment approach makes sense for you.
  2. Final Meeting: We will provide a Suitability Report based on our recommendations where you can prioritize your needs and goals, and plan for when and how to tackle them.

*Separately Managed Accounts are made available by Stier Financial Advisors Inc. through exclusive referral services such as Portfolio Management Referral Agreements.