Stier Financial Advisors helps you manage your cash-flow. The inches we need are all around us, added together they make up that last yard for the touchdown. Similarly, managing your spending, the interest payable on credit card debt, amortization and payment schedules on mortgages or car loans, and most importantly maximizing taxable income – will make or break your financial goals.

Only through managing taxation, spending and debt can you save the required capital for investing. Cash management services include:

  • HELOC debt consolidations
  • Mortgages on real estate
  • Tax preparation and annual filings

What to expect.

We offer our advisory clients the following financial planning process;

  1. Initial Meeting: We will collect personal financial information on your income (current and historical), and any mortgage or credit card balances.
  2. Final Meeting: We will provide a Suitability Report based on our recommendations where you can prioritize your needs and goals, and plan for when and how to tackle them.

Stier Financial Advisors (SFA) can help you arrange a better repayment plan, secure a better mortgage rate for your home or revenue property or file/re-file your annual personal or corporate income tax to maximize your allowable deductions.

SFA works with clients either accumulating assets such as investments or real property or clients divesting those assets in preparation of retirement or estate liquidation.