In the past thirty years, we’ve learned a thing or two working with our clients. Actually we learned three.

After countless conversations regarding financial security, saving for retirement, and discussing the fashionable investment strategies of the day, we’ve discovered most people think of their money in three key ways.

So we’ve adapted the traditional financial planning approach to this way of thinking. Our approach begins with the three following goals;

Risk ManagementCash ManagementInvestment Management

We are continually surprised how often people overcomplicate these goals.

How these goals are achieved will be different for everyone but regardless of where you stand financially, these are the immutable truths of getting ahead. The challenges and strategies for overcoming them are different for each of us, thats where financial advice and our approach come together.

Its simple and effective approach, and an easy conversation to begin. These three areas of “your money” make up the basis of our approach, your game-plan.

The SFA approach recognizes that financial advisors are often limited to the products they’re licensed to sell, and therefore recommendations can be skewed to just those products. When you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

We know everything isn’t a nail, therefore we approach your financial game plan differently. Take a look at how we see your money below.


Risk Management

Risk management in the personal financial planning sense is the process of determining the financial risks which affect our lives or the lives of our dependents. It includes the arrangements we make for mitigating those risks, or transferring those risks to another party by using counter-parties, insurance companies, or personal resources.


Cash Management

Cash management is the process of identifying cash-flows from personal income sources, setting budgets for spending and lifestyle, and establishing savings practices leading to the investment of capital. It is a key component of ensuring financial stability and avoiding insolvency.


Investment Management

Investment management in the personal financial planning sense, is the process of setting investment goals, establishing investments accounts, and investing savings or capital. It includes providing the appropriate investment expertise required to manage such capital, based upon time horizons, risk tolerance and the investment knowledge of the account holder(s).