We are always looking to recruit qualified independent financial advisors to SFA. Whether you’re a junior advisor just starting to build your business or a senior advisor looking to protect the value of their business and possibly retire, SFA offers a strong independent platform for your future.

Our Promise

Remember a time when your MGA administrator knew you by name? When they knew your clients by name and knew how long you worked to earn that piece of business. We remember that time.

A time when your word was your bond and an honest mans pillow was his piece of mind. Sometimes a handshake was all that was needed.

Today, we operate on that philosophy of honesty and integrity, and add the shared value of partnership and hard work, where we value our differences while building on our strengths together.

Why partner with SFA?

We believe in the value of financial advice. Whether you’re an insurance advisor, mutual fund advisor, portfolio manager, or investment counsellor, we believe in your right to remain independent, unbiased and free to recommend the products and services that are best for your clientele. We feel this is what that clientele demands while also supporting a stronger financial service industry.

Partnering with SFA will mean you remain independent while having access to the most innovative financial products and services in Canada. You will receive the highest tier of compensation with access to advisor group benefits like life, health and dental coverage. But most importantly, in an era where financial advice is being replaced by software and low-cost service providers, we will work with you to build your business, acquire new books or transitioning and sell your advisory business to another SFA advisor. Sometimes the right game-plan isn’t about chasing the puck, but going where the puck is going to be.

Build and Protect your Business

If you’re a junior advisor looking to build your business, you need access to the top companies and highest compensation plans to generate that free cash flow needed to reinvest in your business. You may need access to financing arrangements or connections to senior advisors looking to sell their advisory businesses. SFA can help you.

If you’re a senior advisor looking to slow down and semi-retire or outright sell your business, SFA has the experience to help you value your business, locate a partner or buyer, arrange the finance plan and lock in your future. We know this better than anyone.


Some of our benefits include:

  • Immediate client account vesting. Your clients are your own.
  • No annual sales volume required.
  • Co-op marketing allowance
  • Orphan accounts/lead generation
  • Book acquisition financing
  • Advisor succession plan
  • Online advisor/client access reporting systems: Oneboss and Virtgate

Compensation and Benefits

We aren’t all things to all advisors. We partner with like-minded, professional financial advisors who share the common goal of remaining independent. We offer those advisors a competitive compensation plan across all carriers, access to referral partners providing investment, accounting and related financial services to further build your clientele. We also provide our advisors the opportunity to join our group benefit plan where they can receive life, health and dental coverage for themselves and their family. Remaining independent doesn’t mean being alone.


Some of our benefits include:

  • Standard compensation can range between 125 – 165% bonus override on Life products and 72 – 82% payout on Money products*
  • Annual performance bonus*
  • Multi-advisor compensation
  • Deferred compensation/profit sharing plan*

* dependent upon experience and/or book value.

Products and Service Partners

As advisors we can’t be all things to all clients. We contract with financial service companies where it makes sense, and we partner with service providers where it builds our advisory business. This isn’t unique in the industry, but when done right with strong core relationships, and done consistently the difference allows you to provide more solutions to your clients, exceeding their expectations while reaching your goals as an independent financial advisor.


Some of the companies we work with:

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