We’re looking for new advisors who are older advisors. We’ve been around the block a few times. We call it experience.

If you’re a seasoned, independent life licensed financial advisor and you’re looking for higher payouts, access to all the major carriers, respectful service, and require little to no sales support, we might be a good fit…
Furthermore, if you’re not interested in succession planning or selling your business, and are looking to continue working with your clients as long as possible, we might be a perfect partnership.

Contact us to learn more.

We Provide

  • Access to 24 Canadian life insurance companies.
  • Office space or desk rentals available.
  • Access to office lounge, boardroom, and kitchen.
  • High speed internet access.
  • Free client parking.
  • Administrative support.
  • Over-rides that begin at 160/75
  • Recognition and respect.

Contact Sheldon to discuss moving over to Stier Financial Advisors. We work with older established financial advisors who want to remain financial advisors. We’re bullish on you™