Founded in 2017, the history of Stier Financial Advisors Inc. (SFA) is a brief one. However, the experience it is founded upon spans nearly three decades in the both the insurance and securities industries. Having worked through three financial recessions, including the 2007-2010 global financial crisis, and the geo-political turmoil which is commonplace today, the founder of SFA, Sheldon Stier, President and Senior Advisor delivers a real world approach to financial services and the advice Canadians rely upon.

For Sheldon, the family business was financial services. Following university, Sheldon began his career at his family’s Managing General Agency gaining experience in the distribution of insurance and investments products to the firms growing roster of financial advisors. Over the next 25 years he expanded the firm into securities, wealth management, corporate finance and investment banking. Experience that he used to launch numerous private ventures focused on alternative investments within the growing Canadian exempt securities market. As part of a broader succession plan for his family’s business, in 2014 Sheldon returned to his family roots and in 2017 founded SFA. In his experience working alongside insurance companies, hedge funds, portfolio managers and financial advisors from all areas of the industry, Sheldon saw a need to simplify. He saw a need for a new approach.

Our Timeline


Independent Financial Advisor licensed for insurance and mutual funds.


Vice President of family owned MGA overseeing approximately 180 financial advisors.


Launched mutual fund operation expanding business into mutual fund sales. Opened second office location in downtown Winnipeg.


Acquired competitor with Calgary based operations.


Founded alternative investment firm upon release of new banking and securities guideline NI 45-106.


Co-founded portfolio management firm.


Established venture capital firm to aid Manitoba businesses in raising capital upon release of NI 31-103.


Developed client reporting software for venture capital industry participants.


Returned to family MGA to coordinate succession.


Launched Stier Financial Advisors.