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Stier Financial Advisors. We’re bullish on you.

Life is challenging and often uncertain at times.  Having a financial plan is critical to achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself, and your family.  Failing to plan is really just planning to fail.

We are here to help.  As independent financial advisors, we lay out a roadmap for you, with your goals in mind.  One that provides the support needed to move you forward, and the expertise to find the right financial solutions for you, saving you valuable time.  You’ll have more money and peace of mind knowing you are on track to reach your goal.

We believe everyone, regardless of when they begin needs to build and protect their wealth.

About Us

Stier Financial Advisors Inc., is an independent financial advisory firm that works with established clientele to build and protect their wealth.  We accomplish this by using a multi-disciplinary approach which employs advisors who are experts in tax, legal, insurance and investments to help execute your plan and successfully reach your goals.

Sheldon Stier | President

Sheldon Stier has been an independent advisor to individuals and corporations for over three decades, advising his clients through many economic cycles.  An advocate for sound financial advice, he is known for his ability to explain and navigate complex financial situations.  His strength lies in his ability to use his personal real-world experience to make financial strategies more accessible.  He helps both clients and advisors extract the most value from their financial lives and guides them to new areas of opportunities and growth.

Sheldon is the Vice-Chair of the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada (; the pre-eminent Canadian association for independent financial advisors.  Learn more about the IFB by watching this short video.

Our Services

We live in a world of opportunity.  Never before in human history have we had access to more financial information on an equal basis, with an endless number of new and innovative financial products designed to help improve our lives.  With such a level playing field, one would think everyone would be financially successful.

Unfortunately, there is such a disparity between those that are wealthy today and those that are struggling or stagnating at lower income levels, that accessibility to such information, products or services does not seem to be the path to financial security.

Whether you’re already on this path or just beginning the journey, financial advice comes in many forms, from many different sources.  Accountants, lawyers, insurance and investment professionals all help to provide the financial advice you rely upon, however they’re often unrelated and not connected.  We bring those experts together in one place as your financial advisors.  It saves time and money which produce real results.

We believe it is our role as your financial advisor to help guide Canadians to take advantage of the opportunities before them and grab the bull by the horns.  We’re bullish on you!™

Getting to know you.

As independent financial advisors, our aim is to learn more about you: what are your goals, any ambitions, your personal, family and career objectives, your future plans and goals in retirement. We need to know about your life; your family situation, your spouse and any children. We then help you determine your risk tolerance, time horizons and any concerns you have regarding your financial health that may present a risk to reaching these objectives.

Advising you.

Because the financial services industry is complex and always evolving, we are here to guide you in your choices by providing professional advice, helping you make the best choices based on your situation and your needs, enabling you to make informed decisions for yourself and your family so you can enjoy a healthy financial future.

Supporting you.

Anything can happen and surely will. As independent financial advisors, we will be there at every stage in your life to help you make the right decisions at the right time. Not only do we provide guidance regarding insurance plans, savings, investments and retirement income; we also listen and try to anticipate your needs at critical moments. We’re there on good days and bad, year after year, enabling you to save and invest where you should, when you should.

What is an independent financial advisor?

An independent financial advisor is someone who able to provide unbiased financial advice and is capable of recommending the products or services of more than one company. They are not employed by anyone other than you.

This distinguishes them from “one company” advisors who are employees of banks, insurance companies or securities dealers. Such advisors are restricted by their employer to advise only on the products and services of their employer.

Often an independent financial advisor will hold several financial licenses or registrations; for example, life and health insurance, mutual funds, securities, portfolio manager, mortgages and educational savings plans. Being able to represent more than one product or service provides for a more unbiased and unbundled approach to financial advice which leads to better outcomes for clients.

How to work with us:

Whether you need a comprehensive approach or a specific solution, once we have met and established your goals we can begin putting your plan together. All that is required is a Client Engagement Letter to begin.

We gather the relevant financial information. You simply need to answer the questionnaires we provide and we begin our work. At this stage we will be moving investment accounts and insurance policies under our administration so we may best assess your current financial position and provide information to you.

Based upon your goals we will make recommendations; such as savings and debt repayment strategies, tax and estate planning, or new products or services to best achieve your goals, on a prioritized basis which you choose.

On an annual basis we will review your goals and compare actual results, making plan changes along the way to keep you building and protecting your wealth.

How do you pay for our services:

As fee-based advisors we are compensated in two ways.  We earn a combination of fees from our clients and commissions earned from our partner firms.

  1. Advisory fees, when agreed upon, you may be charged an advisory fee, which covers the cost of various services incurred in the execution of your plan; tax preparation, investment management, and legal services are common expenses which are passed along to our clients. This fee may include fees for financial advice, or flat fees for specific services calculated on an hourly basis or as a percentage of assets. You decide which works best for you.
  2. Commissions generated on transactions, such as the sale of insurance products or the buying of certain investments.

Our Partners

We work with most Canadian insurance companies and select investment managers and can assume the administration, servicing and support for any existing insurance policies or investment accounts that you may have in-force.  We will provide a review of these products and services on a timely basis which aligns with your financial goals.  Some of these partner companies are listed below:

Antares Investment Management
BCV Asset Management
BMO Insurance
Canada Life
Canada Protection Plan
Empire Life
Equitable Life
Foresters Financial
IA Financial Group

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late

Remember that it’s never too early or too late to work with a financial advisor, and no amount is too small to begin.  Using a financial advisor lets you assess your situation and learn more about the various options available to you.

It’s a proven fact that using financial advisor significantly increases your wealth over the long run.  Investors who use a financial advisor for 15+ years save 3.9 times more than their peers who did not.

(Claude Montmarquette and Nathalie Viennot-Briot, 2016)